New Zealands Leading Natural Products Manufacturer


Living Green Group is a vertically integrated home care, pet care, baby care, skin care and health care company  located in Auckland, New Zealand.

Our operation comprise's of three core activities,  brands, new product development and manufacturing. 

Living Green Group has a range of brands for different market segments and customer types

Living Green Group

Living Green Group (LGG) is a New Zealand formulator, manufacturer and marketer of the ‘Next Generation’ of Natural Eco-friendly cleaning and personal hygiene products.

Inspired by a desire to make peoples homes healthier and safe  We have invested in research and development to create new natural solutions to everyday problems.

During the past 4 years, the company has developed a pipeline of:

Proprietary proven organic and natural products, and multiple brands across 5 significant consumer categories and price points. Product launches will be managed over time in a very structured and controlled manner. 

LGG has achieved the Highest Natural & Eco certifications available globally. No one in NZ, AU, USA or China has gained these certifications.

Our Values

  • Our Vision

    Our vision is to be Australasia’s leader in the development and sale of innovative, sustainable natural and organic consumer products. Our range of products are of the highest ethical and accredited scientific standards in the world. We believe that through having multiple brands, it will appeal to the widest range of eco-conscious consumers.

  • Our Mission

    Our mission is to constantly innovate for sustainable products that meet or exceed the needs of the present without compromising the future generations.  To provide safer products to make safer families, homes and a healthier planet, while maintaining the utmost professional care in the creation of our brands.

  • Our Beliefs

    We believe in being a business that acts responsibly and sustainably towards social and environmental concerns. We are passionate about providing high quality products to be used by your family every day that are made the right way, with better ingredients. We are a socially driven company with unique, innovative natural and green products.

Industry Leading Certifications

Many of Living Green Group’s ranges undergo independent tests by different global certification groups such as the United States Natural Products Certification Association, New Zealand Ministry of Primary Industry, or BIOGRO organic certification. Each product inside each brand is tested and approved individually to make sure products are of the highest global standards.


Living Green Group is proud to own the following retail brands in its green family. Selling these products collectively into over 800 retailers across New Zealand. Click on an icon below to be taken to the independent brand websites


The Group manages its own sales focused website dedicated to selling natural products to consumers and ships Living Green Group products across New Zealand, Please click on the image below to be taken to the shopnatural website.

Innovation & Manufacturing Capability

Living Green Group has its own manufacturing facility in Auckland, New Zealand

- IP retention – not divulging LGG’s trade secret formulation processes and formulations 

- Flexibility and responsiveness – enables just-in-time manufacturing with benefits 

- High quality systems – established higher quality systems than contract manufacturers including ISO9001, GMP, BioGro Organic and EcoWarranty Certifications.


Living Green Group owns Elitepac NZ Limited, A Contract Manufacturing facility based in Auckland, New Zealand. It also has the brand CLEANLAB which Supplies Commercial and Trade Cleaning products to some of NZ largest Cleaning companies, and Blackwood Traders which supplies to Early Childhood centres.Please click on an icon below to be taken to the independent websites

Corporate responsibility and sustainability

To us at Living Green it  means caring for the environment, choosing ingredients that are the safest for the planet and materials that biodegrade. Supporting our people to succeed and grow and help local communities, in order to support New Zealand towards a positive, sustainable future.  

Our Promise is that priority is always given to natural ingredients to make a healthier family, home and planet... Naturally. 

We are governed by a simple set of ideas;

- Be Better for families

- Be Effective and good Quality

- Be Creative and Innovative

- Be Good to the earth

Our Brands have been sold in the following markets


Hong Kong